Commission Information

If you like my work, and want me to draw something for you, you're in the right place!

I am only accepting new commissions very very rarely. This is due to my large backlog of commissions that I need to work through first.


Line Drawing
$300 for one character, $500 for two

- Some artistic freedom required. Markings may be loosely intrepreted or simplified.
- Complexity fees may apply for props, clothes, extra limbs, etc.

Partran Sample Hysterium Sample Onom Sample Sassy Sample

Find more examples of my work on Twitter and FurAffinity.

When do you open?

If I have a slot available for one of these line drawings I will announce it on FurAffinity submission/journal first. If the slot stays open for a while, I will also post about it on Twitter.

Due to high demand, openings may take the form of auctions, rather than first-come-first-served slots. If this happens, I'll announce on FA and Twitter simultaneously.

If you get the slot, you'll fill out a simple form to give me your character references and other details. After that, payment is due via PayPal invoice.

Common Questions

Q: Why is it so much?
A: The price is due to high demand and very limited supply. There can be weeks or months between openings.

Q: Are you flexible on the price?
A: Sometimes (not always) I will be able to offer payment plans. Please ask ahead of time if you'd like one.

Q: Can I add color?
A: Usually no, but you can ask. It depends on the character and the idea. If the answer is yes, the price will be increased by 50-100%, due to the extra time it adds.

Q: What do you like to draw?
A: My personal favorite is ferals/animals - dogs especially, but any species! I also love non-human characters with anatomically accurate designs (digitigrade legs, animal genitals, fur rather than hair, etc). I enjoy drawing slice of life and POV scenes, too; anything that lets me tell a little story about the character.

Q: Can I ask for other things?
A: Yes! I will draw pretty much anything, if I feel like I can portray it well enough for you - it doesn't have to be something from my "like" list.

Q: Is there anything you won't you draw?
A: I generally don't accept commissions with scat, vomit, infestation, or other unsanitary subjects. There's nothing wrong with them, but it's not enjoyable for me to draw, which means I can't make the product as nice as you deserve!

Q: What about regular commissions?
A: Aside from rare exceptions or emergencies, regular commissions are closed indefinitely. I need to prioritize working on my backlog of commissions.

Q: Can I get a regular commission if I'm willing to wait?
A: Probably not, sorry! My backlog is too big, I'm not comfortable adding anyone else to it.

Q: I just want to save up for regular commission. How much is it?
A: These line drawings start at $300. Color work starts at $500, and full paintings will probably start at $800 to $1,000. These numbers may change.

Other questions

Didn't find what you're looking for? Want to run your character or idea past me before trying to get a slot? Email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you will be bound to my Terms of Service. You're welcome to read it ahead of time, but it will also be in the commission form.