A dragon-like character in a catsuit

Hi! I'm Diallo, but a lot of people know me as SpottyJaguar. I'm a black and queer creative making adult furry art.

A lot of artists who draw "problematic" art are either being forced into hiding or forced to abandon their work, in fear of the backlash. To put it mildly, I think that's wrong, especially since I was nearly one of them. These days, I'm teaching empathy with kink.

I believe art should let us indulge in any fantasy we have.

Yes, any fantasy.

About what I do

My art consists of all the things I love. Psychology and sexuality; creating characters and telling their stories; and drawing graphic, selfish, shameless porn.

I specialize in feral/anthro pairings (mostly girls and dogs), and villains forcing themselves (or their dogs) onto whoever they please (usually girls). I make a lot of sticky, complicated, unhealthy relationships this way, with characters ranging from naive virgins, to creeps, to survivors, to crimelords. Each one is different.

Nothing is off-limits here. You'll find things you really like, and perhaps things you really don't like. You might even find some things you didn't know you liked! Those are probably my favorite.

Find my work on FurAffinity and Twitter.

Content Warnings

The the best part about my art is that none of this is real. It's just really hot.

Themes I enjoy (click me!)

• Ferals
• Relatives
• Young characters/age gap
• Force/non-consent

• Fetish terms (dgirl/cboy)
• The "trap" trope
• Violence and abuse
• Blood and gore

Extra warnings will be given for any art with gore (serious injury, organs, excessive blood), any NSFW art with underage characters, and some non-con art. Warnings for text/descriptions are not guaranteed.


Need something? Shoot an email to [email protected], especially if it's serious. If it's about getting art from me, make sure you've read my commissions page first!

If you need something super quick, a Twitter DM works too!

I also stream frequently on Picarto, if your question isn't pressing.

Enjoy your stay!