A dragon-like character in a catsuit

Teaching Empathy with Kink

Hi! I'm Diallo, but most people know me as SpottyJaguar, the black and queer furry artist from FurAffinity.

My work is fueled by my love of psychology and sex - a deeply hedonistic pursuit to explore morality, identity, desire, and my own dark tastes, through sweet, twisted, impossible fantasies.

Whether it's a sex-trafficker protecting his hometown, a cannibal seeking intimacy after loss, a boy navigating puberty with the family dog, or the creep watching him from next door, every story is a dare - to find appreciation through arousal, and to see ourselves in the obscene.

My pornography is therapy.

All content is purely fictional, and may contain weird and sensitive themes. This is your warning.


Need something? Shoot an email to [email protected]. If it's about getting art from me, make sure you've read my commissions page first!

If you need something super quick, a Twitter DM works too!

I also stream frequently on Picarto.

Enjoy your stay!