A dragon-like character in a catsuit

Teaching Empathy with Kink

My work is full of psychology and sex. It’s indulgent and hedonistic, dynamic and mercurial - it jumps from sweet to sadistic and back again, exploring morality, self, desire, and my own dark tastes.

My characters are deviant and relatable. A sex-trafficker after his father’s pride, a cannibal stalking his way through grief, a boy navigating puberty with the family dog, even the lonely creep watching him from next door - familiar feelings, perverse perspectives.

My pornography is just therapy. It is obscene compassion. It is filthy kindness.

All in good kink

This is purely fiction made for consenting adults. My character's actions should never be emulated, and their justifications should never be seen as anything other than fantasy logic.

Non-consent, young characters, and gore are regular themes in my work, and you cannot avoid them entirely. Art featuring them will come with a warning/thumbnail, but text will not, and there will be plenty of it.


Need something? Shoot an email to [email protected]. If it's about getting art from me, make sure you've read my commissions page first!

If you need something super quick, a Twitter DM works too!

I also stream frequently on Picarto.

Enjoy your stay!