About Me

So I draw interesting things, but what else?

I like to think I'm easy to get along with! I enjoy learning new things, I really love cats and the color magenta, and I'll inhale anything flavored like mint, coffee, ginger, or artificial peach.

This is Anya, one of my personal avatar characters!

I'm a very positive person. I believe in second chances and people's ability to change, and I try to bring out the best in people around me - encouraging them find things they're afraid of loving, and to pursue them. Mental health and self-expression are really important to me, so the only things I really dislike are antithetical to those - mostly shame culture and gossip.

Oh, and black licorice. It didn't do anything wrong, I just don't like how it tastes.

I live in Indiana with one of my partners, Namiin, and soon with our second partner, Skott. These two people are the light of my life, and a lot of what gives me the inspiration to do what I do!

I listen to podcasts like RadioLab and Pseudopod - I haven't found any I like more than these! I also watch a lot of videos about food, science, and video games. I also love crime documentaries.

If you'd like to get to know me a little yourself, you can follow me on Picarto, where stream my art process live. By following, you'll get an email any time I go live!